Living history in the early medieval period

Niflheim Vikings


The name Niflheim Vikings is a collective name for the connected sibbing (families). When two or more sibbe set up the encampment, we will carry the name of the Niflheim Vikings.

Niflheim is, in Norse mythology, the realm of mists. Hell prevailed in Niflheim. Niflheim was the realm of the dead, an icy world that had little for the living. Nevertheless, the gods came here occasionally. For example, Balder brother Hermod did a request to Hell to free Balder of death. The deepest point of Niflheim is Niflhel, where Hells’s castle stands. Also the well of Mimir can be found there, which, bestows wisdom and where Odin sacrificed his eye for being allowed to drink from the well.

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The chosen weapon is Ygdrassil with seven green leaves. Ygdrassil is the name of the "World Tree" in Norse cosmogony. As the name literally translates as “Horse of Yggr”, or “Horse of Odin", and refers to the strong life force that it carries with him everywhere. The seven leaves represent the seven members who founded our group.

Sibbe Orvar

Sibbe (German Sippe, Old High German sippia, Old Norse sifjar derived from the goddess Sif - or vice versa), was originally an old Germanic term for `joint relatives', used in nationalsocialist sense as ‘family formed by blood’.


The sibbe is an understanding of the blood relationship of a person in ascending and descending bloodlines, including the third and fourth-degree family, their wives and offspring.

The sibbe played an important role in the Germanic community. This was based on the distribution of arable land and the colonization of new areas.

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Sibbe Orvar's means family or kinship of Orvar.



​The Midgardsnake or Jǫrmungandr (sometimes Jormungand or Jorgmungander) as primordial snake nearly the largest and most dangerous monster from Norse mythology. He is one of the three children of Loki and Angrboða and probably the most daunting.


The Midgardsnake is so huge that it is in a circle around Midgard, the world. Its head reaches to the tip of its tail and when he bites into it (like the Ouroboros) he shakes with anger, with which he causes earthquakes.


His archenemy is Thor, with whom he will deliver a struggle of life and death during Ragnarok (the end of time, the final battle) Thor had already almost caught him, but because his accompanying person was scared, he did not manage to kill the beast.

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The symbol of brotherhood, intertwined with the waving waters of the river Rhine. The three circle shaped knots together form an ancient symbol of brotherhood and unbreakable bonds. Our brotherhood is established at the Rhine, where the brotherhood symbolically ‘grows’ out of the water. The waving waters underneath are drawn as a symbol for water. This symbol for water has been adopted from drawings in art found in 900 to 1000 after Christ and represent the water of our river Rhine.


Rín is the old Norse name for the river 'Rhine' where this sibbe is established. Brœðrnir is old Norse for "brethren" or "brothers" meaning close friends who are part of our sibbe or immediate sibbing. A brother is someone, male or female, with whom they cherish friendly feelings. Together these two words combine the meaning "Rhinebrethren’’, our family located near the Rhine.

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A sibbe of warriors bound into battle. After wandering long as mercenaries, they joined the sibbing of the Niflheim Vikings for protection. The warriors also obtained various handcrafts obtained from othe sibbing in the Niflheim Vikings.

Björnbløđ is translated as bear blood. The bear is symbolic for a fighting spirit and struggle. The meaning of the blood is the connection between the brothers and loyalty to each other in good and bad times.


Strong as a bear! Sharp like an axe! Björnbløđ!

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Sibbe Rever


Rever stands for foxes, which are a central symbol in this sibbe. More information about this sibbe will soon follow.

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De place where the law of Fenrir rules.

Our sibbe is dedicated to Fenrir which stands for 'Chaos as a beginning of something new'. We mainly focus on the magical side in a Viking's dailky life. The use of runes and magic aspects belong to our activities, next to the daily tasks at the camp.